LuAnn's Homemade Butters & Spreads

I have been making my Honey Butter since 2008. Local honey and Wisconsin products are used in the making of my butters and spreads. I have added many butters and spreads over the years.   They all are wonderful on toast, pancakes, hot biscuits, english muffins (my favorite) - almost anything! If you've had Honey Butter as a child, I can guarantee this "isn't your mother's recipe!" These make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Honey ButterI started marketing LuAnn’s Homemade Honey Butter in the spring of 2008. The recipe was given to me by my aunt while on a trip to North Dakota in 2006, after making many jars and donating them to various bake sales and giving them away as gifts, people started asking me if they could purchase some for themselves. They would tell me “Do you know you could sell this product?” Some even approached me to sell it in their stores. I did my “homework”, obtained a license and started my own business, of course with my aunts blessing! My honey butter is made from local natural, raw honey. My neighbor has bees and I purchase the honey from him. This product is a delightful change from ordinary plain honey. It makes wonderful gifts for all occasions. I have used this product on many food items, such as hot biscuits, pancakes, toast, cornbread, hot rolls, English muffins (my personal favorite) and ice cream – ALMOST ANYTHING! Some even eat it right out of the jar! It sells in three sizes: 4oz - $4.00, 8oz - $6.50 and 16oz - $12.00

Shipping is available within 2 days.

*Seasonal - Pumpkin Pie Butter

Available October & November - 4oz-$4.00 & 8oz-$6.50

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